Your Gaze,

Engages and Arrests



you consider us,

all the while

scanning your own inner depths

Eliciting us to do the same


your Lapis robe, that of a high priestess,

shimmers satin, perhaps velvet


Cloth fit for a Queen


the intricacy of your extended curls

merging with

the embroidered gold geometric trimming

crisscrossing an immanent bosom

invite us to wonder

Are you Man, Woman?

seemingly You Are Both


the Orb and the Mudra compel

us to ponder the Nature

of your Presence

the Meaning of Your Maker


there is Enigma

there is No Enigma


Salvator Mundi


Leonardo Da Vinci


Stone Layers

stone layers- Version 5


We Lay Stone

to lay Memory

 keep our thoughts


In One Place


by placing one Stone

upon another

We fashion Order

from our inconsistencies


by fitting one stone

next to another

we generate Sense

to our Incongruous



Build a Sequence from Chaos


 Assemble Continuity

to our Story


We Are Stone layers


The Call


Can you hear the geese?

the wiring sounds

of so many wings

in motion

A Reminder

of unremitting Change


the punctuated Call:

we’re here, there’s water

let‘s settle

for a moment


can you hear the geese

she says again


the honking cacophony

passes overhead


like the passing of a train


the Sound


a crescendo swelling

then fading

into the twilight

of damp Earth


the punctuality

of Nature

driven by degrees

of Sunlight

a gland



can you hear them

she says


through and through

I reply

through and through




Heart Intelligence

Art Work by Yaron Rosner


There is Comfort in Believing

Good & Evil

Are Two Separate and Opposing Entities

Keeps Us Safe

in a Black and White World


Reality, however, is Different

Choices offer themselves

at Every Step:

to do the right thing

is Not always the Easy thing


Not Simply an act of random kindness


Means Seeing the Humanity

Facing You


that Person who has States of Mind

As You Do

Hunger, Insomnia,

As You Do

walks their dog

As You Do

suffers headaches

pangs of joy

As You Do


The Minute we SEE the Other

As Less

We Descend a Slippery slope


Evil in the most Ordinary way


This SIGHT is a Choice



it becomes

a Way of Life


Have You Been Your Own Messiah?


Do you ever Wonder

If I were to die Now

would I die stupid?


has my life been full

of giving a hand

listening to broken

hearts, the keening

of Geese, interspersed

with picking my nose

sharing my food, my drink

heeding the Call of Destiny?


Did I Stand enough?

Balance those moments

when cowering, I Sat?


Do you ever Wonder

who would I be Now

were I to die hit by a car



what have you done

for Yourself, Others

the Earth?


You realize too

once the few

who know you Pass

no memory of your Time

Here remains


Do you ever wonder

Have I been my own Messiah?


Art Work by Yaron Rosner

Art Work by Yaron Rosner

                                                                                                                                           Für Meine Christina

Our Rise

for Countless Millennia

 we Chewed our way

through the day


hundreds of thousands of years

we lived a life


on masticating, sleeping

and mating


our Formidable

remaining jaws

show Powerful Teeth

designed to break down

bark, tubers and grasses

for Hours


our skulls


suggest an undersized brain

too busy Chewing


A Shift Occurred


that Formidable jaw


resembling what we have now


our skull’s cavity


allowing our brains

to increase threefold


 by the size of our diminished jaw

and larger crown

it Appears

we have discovered


and the application of Fire


in Cooked Fare



half digested food

and spending less of our day Chewing


gaining many more calories for time spent eating


Gives Us So Much More

Bang for our Buck



Our Brains,

Such Hungry Organs,

Evolve Voraciously


we begin Envisioning

a future, a past,

even the Sacred


That Moment

when the Lion

became an Image

of Power and Dignity

the Sky

a benevolent Father

the Earth

a Mother

whose Law must be heeded

lest we suffer

her Retribution


That Moment

was the Hour

of Our Becoming


unlike any other living being

we began Speaking

a language of Symbols

depicting the Imaginary

the Allegorical

and the Metaphysical


Humans and Nature


self reflective

we Became what we Are


the Symbolic Species


Art Work by Yaron Rosner

Art Work by Yaron Rosner

My Other Mother

To Sima Mizrachi

Dark Woman with Dark eyes

you reached out to me

took me as your own

Those Arms

such weathered olive branches

held me

your Boundless Humor

shook me

 Solid you Stand

Wise with Fruit

Gift of your Heart’s Intelligence


I miss you my dark mother

 Warmth of Countless

Years of Gathered Sunshine


once the center of your tribe

You are its very Essence





Beyond The Call Of Duty

Pour Papa


Dad's funeral Beyond the call of duty

Photograph by Yaron Rosner


what were you thinking

as you repeatedly crawled

into Gunfire?

reaching for your Fallen


heaving them onto stretchers

all the while hugging

the Earth

Oblivious to explosions

impervious to Bullet Rain


was it youthful conviction

in immortality

or teeth gritting defiance

of Death?


Your gathered Freedom Fighters

pushed onwards

heartened by an enemy


seeing a glow

in what appeared

At Last

the Darkest Tunnel’s End


cleaning and dressing wounds

relieving Pain

where you could

carrying Them


close to your heart

as they took a last Breath

holding their hands

an Angel to the fevered


So many Fell

you survived

a Keeper of the Story


Those were Thunderous Times


to the small things

of ordinary life

awoke Torment

subdued by action

pursued you into the Everyday


refusing to buckle

you Succumbed


the voices, so many

so vociferous,

so demanding

you became Two

like Wolves

they fought for your heart

in the end

only the one you fed

could win



The Beautiful Minds


Painting By Felix Vallotton

Painting By Felix Vallotton


 the Minds

That Compel Us

To Lift Our Heads


 sweep Dust

from darkened corridors

convey  Light

turn Alleyways

into 4 lane Boulevards

tributary streams

into powerful Rivers


Minds that

with a Gleam

and a Nod

open Doors

 Create Vistas

Broad and Beautiful


leave us convinced

Of A Journey


a taste of Opportunity

lying in Wait


 should we choose


those People

of those Minds

teach us

For A Moment


to Give

a little further

Fear a little less

stretch a fraction harder

love ourselves


that bit more



On This Day


On this Day

I write for You


On this Day

Our Memories Collide

Merge and Coalesce

make us that Single

Person with so many Others

where, with amalgamated

memories potentiating

each other

we become a part

of something so much Bigger


our personal wills ineffective

we can only feel

and re-feel


a Spiral of ever increasing

and decreasing



On this Day

you and I

are One

Encompassing a Body

of Millions


whether of The Murdered

 The Survivors

or The Saved

we are them

and each other

For a Day


On this Day

I write for Us